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Walking Through Mirrors Book Review

Phyllis Rhodes

An Introspective Journey.....


Walking Through Mirrors by Brian Keith Jackson is a heartwarming journey of self discovery for Jeremy Bishop, a successful photographer who returns home to Elsewhere, Louisiana to bury his estranged father.  Jeremy, nicknamed Patience by his paternal grandmother, Mama B, revisits his past by raising questions to puzzling childhood memories such as his paren'ts relationship, his untimely birth, his maternal grandparent's abandonment of him, and his relationship with distant father.  By the end of the story, we meet an eclectic cast of characters who answer all of Jeremy's questions and shed light for the reader to understand the meaning behind the novel's title.  To walk through mirrors is an expression of doing the is to look at things from the other side of the mirror and see more than one's own reflection.     


This is a complex story with multiple layers of family secrets and hidden agendas.  In this single visit home, Jeremy unknowingly has to reconcile his role as a son, stepson, grandson, brother, and nephew.  He must seek redemption from those he loves and who love him.  The writing style of Brian Keith Jackson is mature, fresh, and alluring--a definite notch above his contemporary peers.  I loved "The View From Here" and enjoyed "The Queen of Harlem".  He has definitely earned a place on my favorite author list a feat that is not easily managed.  I strongly recommend this novel and I am looking forward to his next body of work.


The Nubian Circle Book Club rating for Walking Through Mirrors is 3.5 out of 5 stars. We welcome your comments and thoughts about this book review.  Please e-mail us at: