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Who We Are


The Nubian Circle Book Club (NCBC)

 was formed in the summer of 2001.  We are an active group comprised of individuals from diverse economic, professional, geographical, and educational backgrounds including stockbrokers, educators, computer analysts, counselors, engineers, entrepreneurs, etc.  Our common bond is the love of reading and discussing good literature.


We dedicate

our time and focus on the love of literature.  Our book club has never wavered from its vision of being a book club -- the emphasis is on the word "book."  Our discussions are lead by a facilitator who uses pre-distributed questions to guide us thorough the book's issues and literary aspects.  We often share our experiences, personal viewpoints, and interpretations on topics that surface in the novels.  So although the club engages in social outings, our primary purpose and loyalty is to the books.


We choose

to review works by and about African Americans and are proud to be supporters of the "New Renaissance".  We read all genres in an attempt to broaden our literary scope beyond our favorite books and authors.  We read debut novels, works from the masters and seasoned authors, the classics as well as contemporary works.


We believe

in feedback and community service. Some NCBC members also provide reviews to on-line media giants such as and  We believe our book reviews and critiques are positive and helpful contributions to authors, fellow readers, publicists, and the literary community as a whole.


We treasure

the Arts and enjoy each other's company outside of book club you'll often find us around Greater Orlando at The People's Theatre, Orlando Black Essential Theater, The Improv Comedy Club, Spoken Word events, local art museums, cultural festivals, concerts, movies, various networking events, engaged in community service projects, and of course all the book signings we can support!


So now that you know more about us....Be our guest! 

Most who visit "The Circle" wish to remain and look forward to our monthly meetings.


Love & Peace,


The Nubian Circle Book Club