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Yo Yo Love Book Review

Sondra Shepard

Daaimah Poole's Yo Yo Love is a novel written by a 19-year old African American woman.  It is about her love exploits and leaves one to wonder how do you have so many relationships and fall hopelessly in love with all of these men in such a short span of time?

Kayla Johnson, a sophomore at Temple University had at least five (5) men she was totally in love with during a 1-year period.  Of course, there was some overlapping of the various men, but not only did she not give herself enough healing time in between each relationship many times one relationship had not completely ended when she embarked on another one.

Kayla is a perfect example of a woman suffering from "I NEED A MAN SYNDROME" and "BEING IN LOVE WITH LOVE".  The author, in this debut novel, does make you want to laugh, scream, and cry sometimes all at the same time with the character.  I found this book to be an extremely entertaining book as a comedy.

The Nubian Circle Book Club rating for Yo Yo Love is 3.5 out of 5 stars.  We welcome your comments and thoughts about this book review.  Please e-mail us at this address: