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The Beautiful Ones Book Review

Yolanda Lanier-Pettiford

Have you ever looked mirror and said, That can't be me? or I look like this?  In The Beautiful Ones by Kim Dulaney, she demolishes the walls of insecurity and blinders that women, in particular, put on.  Kim reveals that behind the walls of deception lies the truth and with this knowledge, new lessons can be learned. 

Dulaney begins with a brief background on Carmen Trenton, a Fine Arts Broker.  Once Ms. Carmen announces her upcoming nuptials, each one of the Beautiful Ones members reaction was described.  Through the members flashbacks and opinions, you get a better view of Carmen and how exactly the Beautiful Ones came about.  Developed by Ms. Carmen, the group goals was to make all of our wishes and dreams come true.  In keeping with this theme, certain rules were established, such as no male bashing.  A woman's group that does not male bash?  Mmmmm...The groups goal was self-discovery and to facilitate this, unique exercises were conducted to help members realize the truth.  For example, the Butt Naked exercise, stripped away, literally, all outer trappings and it pointed out each member's strengths and weakness. 

The storyline continues until the wedding night and takes an unexpected turn with Ms. Carmen on top.  In the entire novel, you learn a little about yourself, because you see yourself in Carmen or some of the other members in the group.  In certain places, the novel did not flow well.  For example, when each character reaction to the wedding was described, it was unclear who exactly was speaking.  This aside, there were some very interesting and shocking tidbits that I never knew before.  Let me tell you, I will never look at a faucet the same again.  With enough action to put the Jerry Springer show to shame, The Beautiful Ones, is a delightful, funny read, while inspiring you along the way.

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