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Temptation Book Review

Phyllis Rhodes

Temptation is an extraordinary story of love, faith, friendship, betrayal, and forgiveness.  It tells the story of Kyla and Jefferson Blake, their picture-perfect 16-year marriage, and their commitment to one another and also to God.  Jefferson makes the mistake of sleeping with Kyla's best friend, Jasmine, showing that Christians are also faced with real trials and tribulations.  The lessons of the story are illustrated in how the characters overcame this eventdealing with the issues of trust, betrayal, love, redemption, and forgiveness.  The strength, belief in God, and the ability to act according to His wishes (despite desiring to do otherwise) is inspiring.  This novel moved well and was paced just right.
The supporting cast of characters was balancing:  Alexis and Brian both dear friends of Kyla and Jefferson begin a relationship together based on Christian values and go through their own temptations and issues, and Jasmine, the seductress, is relentless in her pursuit of Jefferson.  

Murray sprinkles bible scriptures and words of love and faith to share the source of wisdom and power.   It is a delightful, easy read that isnt preachy or fact, I think it renews the inner spirit. This is a definite must read for Christian couples or anyone needing another's forgiveness.
Nubian Circle Book Club Rating:  3.5 Stars