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The View From Here Book Review

Phyllis Rhodes

Told largely in part by the unborn child, this is a story of self-discovery, strength, and family love.  The View From Here is excellent!  It goes deep into the soul and deep into the impoverished rural South into the home of Anna and J.T. where years of depression, predjudice, mental and physical abuse has taken its toll on the family.  An unplanned pregnancy throws the family into crisis and the loss of employment makes a bad situation worse.  J.T. fixes things by offering the unborn child to his older sister/surrogate mother, Clairese, the preacher's wife, and turns to corn liquor as console for his idle time.  Anna eventually saves her family by (a) pulling on inspiration of her best friend, Ida Mae, who has gone up North in search of freedom and a better life and (b) her mothers strength to preserve and do the right thing.  This book is a quick read, a real winner.  I was really intrigued to see that it was written by a man!  I give this body of work 5 stars and two thumbs up!