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Haunting of Hip-Hop

Phyllis Rhodes

The Haunting of Hip Hop is a quick and captivating read.  I finished it within a few hours and really enjoyed it.  Again, in the same style of Redemption Song, Berry, intertwines the past and present masterfully.  The essence of the story is that of the spirits of the past manifesting themselves out of the need tell their stories to the living in an effort ease the pain, bring peace, and resolve issues that plagued their lives.  There are many lessons taught in this story, however, the focus is on the spirit, Ngozi, an African slave, and his desire to bring back the love, passion, and true unifying purpose that the drums of African once did in his beloved homeland.  He feels that the drums/beats have been misused and corrupted and he must connect with super producer, Harry Freedom Hudson before its too late.  There were some surprising twists in the plot as each of the supporting cast experiences their own awakenings.  I was disappointed in some of the conclusions, but it was a great work nonetheless highly recommended!
Nubian Circle Rating:  4 Stars