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Threesome - Brenda Thomas

Phyllis Rhodes

When Brenda L. Thomas read the prologue to Threesome at an afternoon Montsho Booksigning, I knew I had to buy the book to finish the story and I did that very night!   This is an exciting, easy-to-read, page-turner that anyone can enjoy. 

The story is largely narrated by Sasha Bourianni, an attractive 38 year-old executive secretary whose affair with a married man triggers a series of events that sends her life into a whirlwind that includes a career change (a personal assistant to an NBA star), relationship issues with her employer, her ex-lover, and the new love of her life.  This is a short novel (about 130 pages) but the author gives us enough background on each character to help us understand their motivation and get into their psyche.  For example, Sashas views of self worth stems from a life-long longing for her mother (who died while giving birth to Sasha) and a childhood of being raised by a hustling, swinging father.  Quite naturally, these experiences and unresolved issues shapes her adult ideologies on men, love, and sex and eventually explains her constant self-destructive behavior.

The supporting cast of characters was interesting as well and some had a few  secrets and drama of their own to keep your nose in the book.  I will admit, that based on the title and subtitle, I didnt think it would be the type of book I would want to read.  But after the first few pages, it was clear that my preconceived notions about the book were wrong.  I was hooked from the very beginning through the very end.  This is a perfect book for a lazy summer afternoon

The Nubian Circle Book Club rating for Threesome is 4.5


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