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If Walls Could Talk - Vincent Alexander

Phyllis Rhodes

Alexander's If Walls Could Talk is a drama-filled, romance/mystery novel that opens with the murder of a well-known businessman, Raymond, who happens to be the childhood friend of one of the books central characters, Detective Joe Johnson.  Joe takes an obvious personal interest in the case and vows to find his friends murderer regardless of the cost.  During his pursuit, he meets a variety of suspects ranging from Raymonds very shady ex-gambler business partner to his beautiful, pregnant fiancé. The level of complexity and intrigue is heightened when Joe falls in love the with fiancées equally beautiful and seductive twin sister, Sierra.  During the investigation, relationship drama unfolds between Joe and his ex-girlfriend, Joe and Sierra, and is taken to another level as Raymonds other lifestyle is exposed. Comical relief is sprinkled throughout the book as the good cop-bad cop, old cop-young cop relationship is exposed.  Joe prevails, despite all the sub-plots, and eventually nails the murderer in an unsuspecting twist at the end.

This is my first time reading Vincent Alexander's work and although the book was enjoyable I deducted points because of the slow start and some disconnects in the plot that contributed to the choppiness of the story.  I think Mr. Alexander is off to a great career as a writer and I look forward to reading his other works.

The Nubian Circle Book Club rating for If Walls Could Talk is 3 out of 5 stars.