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Eating the Cheshire Cat Book Review

Cindy Dewberry-Moore

Helen Ellis's debut novel, Eating the Cheshire Cat, is a hilarious and sometimes shocking and unbelievable story based on the relationship of three girls growing up in the South. Life in Tuscaloosa, Alabama was anything but normal for these three girls.

The story's three main characters are as strange as they are loveable. Sarina Somers, who will do anything at the expense of anyone, including her best friend, to have it all; Nicole Hicks, alleged best friend of Sarina Somers, is obsessed with Sarina and because of this never tried to be smarter or prettier than Sarina. As a matter of fact, she made it her duty to always put Sarina first. That is until Sarina goes away to college and pledges a sorority. Nicole is stubbed by Sarina and vows to pay her back, which she definitely does; and Bitty Jack Carlson, summer camp buddy of Sarina, grew up on the other side of the tracks. Bitty Jack became of part of this dysfunctional duo by happenstance and a big lie. That lie, of course, told by Sarina, haunted Bitty Jack and her family for years.

The story begins with Sarina Somer's overnight stay at the Druid City Hospital in Alabama. The doctor and nurses believe that Sarina's mother brought her to the hospital because she had been drinking too much alcohol and broke her fingers. The actual reason for Sarina's stay is as outlandish as it is unbelievable. The reader is introduced, at this point of the story, to the relationship of Sarina and her mother. This relationship is sort of a Mommie Dearest meets Florence Nightingale twist.

As the story continues, the reader will begin, as did I, to not like Sabrina. She is the character that you love to hate and want her to get her due. Sarina's lies, betrayals and backstabbing makes the reader want to complete the book as soon as possible in order to find out if she gets hers. I could not put the book down.

This book never failed with its twists and turns. It was like reading a soap opera. I think it should even be made into one with its world of summer camp lies, sorority parties, funerals, betrayal and revenge. What a recipe for a great story.

I rate this book a 5 out 5. Its a great read if you are looking for something light and funny to read. It is also a great book to read if you are trying to relax and forget about the real stresses in life.