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The Good House Book Review

Phyllis Rhodes

Title:  The Good House is a Good Story!

Due gets better and better with each release!  Her latest novel, The Good House, examines the consequences of misusing magic and the power of heritage and family. 

The story is set in the remote town of Sacajawea, Washington where in the early 1900's, Marie Touissant relocates from Louisiana guided by her inner voice to a place that can be described in modern terms as the "epicenter of the sprit world".  Marie is a trained, experienced, favored vodou priestess and often uses her powers to help and heal others.  Through a series of events, Marie (in anger) misuses her talents, is abandoned by the good spirits for her actions, and unleashes a vengeful, unrelenting evil spirit that is determined to destroy her and her progeny.  Marie watches helplessly as her daughter is possessed and tormented by the spirit.  She patiently waits for the opportunity to redeem herself but time is not her friend and she passes before she can banish the spirit.

Fast forward to present day.  Marie's granddaughter, Angela, is clueless about her grandmothers secrets; but when tragedy strikes at the family home (The Good House) and a destructive pattern emerges at the expense of her loved ones, she begins to suspect and believe that there is no such thing as coincidence.  She must quickly discover the cause of these bizarre fatalities, her dead grandmother's role in it, and a method of containing or eradicating the evil before it consumes her and all her loved ones.

This book is a suspenseful page-turner from beginning to end.  It is wonderfully conceived and superbly written!!  Due exhibits great expertise when she weaves together the spiritual aspects (Christianity,
Vodou, Native American and African/Caribbean spiritualism), the history of the great Northwest, racial sensitivities, and family values.  It is my opinion that very few authors could have blended such a diverse set of topics so brilliantly.  Keep 'em coming, Ms. Due....we can't get enough!!

The Nubian Circle Book Club rating of The Good House is 5 of 5 stars.  If you have any questions, please contact us at: