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Some Things I Never Thought I'd Do Book Review

Phyllis Rhodes

Pearl Cleage's latest novel, Some Things I Never Thought I'd Do is a tale of recovery, redemption, and a love that transcends time.  Regina Burns, a talented speechwriter, is fresh out of a Washington, DC rehabilitation center and ready to begin her life anew.  She has rebounded from cocaine addiction propelled during a period of depression after breaking up with her fiancÚ and having her habit fueled by her inheritance from her recently deceased parents.  Desperate for money, she embraces responsibility and reluctantly accepts a short-term job in Atlanta with her "would-have-been" mother-in-law (who was really the cause of the break-up) to save her family's home from foreclosure.  If this sounds like a challenge, it is; however add in her visionary aunt's premonition regarding Regina's destiny to save a damsel in distress, slay a dragon, and meet a  handsome man with "the ocean in his eyes" and the level of complexity, suspense, and drama goes through the roof! 

This novel is in sync with Cleage's other works, in that she exposes human nature to the bare bones - she skilfully wraps issues surrounding love, class, sexuality, and race into a wonderful story.  Her characters are warm and likeable; her sense of humor is witty and perfectly timed; and her pacing is great.  It is a delightful "feel good" novel in that in the end the prophesy is fulfilled, cosmic justice is served, and a message on doing the right thing is delivered.  This is a wonderful summertime read!

The Nubian Circle Book Club rating of Some Things I Never Thought I'd Do is 4 out of 5 stars. We welcome your comments and thoughts about this review.  Please contact us at