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Black Science Fiction Book Review

Phyllis Rhodes

Black Science Fiction by John Faucette, Jr. is no ordinary book, so this will not be an ordinary review.  In all fairness, the author places a warning label on the cover and in the introduction section of his book that should be heeded.  This is not a book for small children.


Most of the stories in this volume were of adult themes with sexual and/or violent episodes which could be disturbing to some readers.  The book offers a variety of short stories ranging from other-worldly alien encounters to futuristic reality-based tales.  For example, one of the stories I found enjoyable was entitled, The Promised Land.  It was about an altered state of America in which the Confederates won the Civil War.  The author speculates how the industrialized South would have benefited and prospered under the laws of institutionalized slavery.  Another was, Cinderella 3000, which put a sci-fi spin on the classic Cinderella story.  He also interjects bits of suspense and wonder in some of the pieces that leaves the reader thinking about the story after it ends.  There are even a few that convey guiding moralistic principles for healthy living.


As one can probably guess, this reviewer enjoyed the stories that were less sexual/violent in nature as his overall storytelling ability (pacing, dialogue handling, short-story plots, etc.) is relatively good.  Some might even consider some of the stories perverse or grotesque; however no one can argue that the author does not have a strong imagination.  He does be warned and read at your own risk!


The Nubian Circle Book Club rating for Black Science Fiction is 3 out of 5 stars.  If you should have any questions or comments about this review, please contact us at