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The Nubian Circle Book Club
Meeting Agenda
April 12, 2003
4-6 pm

Montsho Book Store
2009 W Central Blvd

3:45 - 4:00 pm
This time is reserved for the host to set up refreshments.  

4:00 - 4:10 pm
Welcome/Intros.  Acknowledgement of NCBC guests and visitors.

Romance Slam Jam.  If Yahrah attends, she can give us a 5-minute synopsis of the happenings from Romance Slam Jam last month in Atlanta.

The People's Theatre:  The Colored Museum.  If you're interested in attending as the NCBC group, we need 10 people to attend on the same date/time to get the $3 discount ($12 ticket price); otherwise tickets are $15 each.  Montsho will have tix available for purchase, so bring $ if you plan to attend.  Please note: Theater ticket purchase transactions are CASH only.  Jim has informed me that the Sat, 4/19, 8pm show is sold out!

*Books For Review/Book Reviews.  For those who have accepted books, remember that reviews are requested in exchange for accepting the book.  Please forward the 250-word review to  New book options/First Choice will be given to members who have recently or readily provided reviews.  The following books have been received and are ready for review: 

Open for Adoption
I Can't Cry - A Journey from Shame to Redemption by Traci Marquis
Such Sweet Thunder (ARC) by Vincent O. Carter
Mistrustful by C.R. Jackson
Best Seller by Hope C. Clark
Joy by Victoria Christopher Murray
Everything but the Burden - What White People are Taking from Black Culture by Greg Tate, Editor
Labyrinth by Randall Sullivan
A Quiet Storm by Rachel Howzell Hall a Phyllis Rhodes donation

Cindy Moore has requested Baptism By Fire by Terrence Johnson
Cindy Moore has requested Shades of Black by Terrence Johnson

*  I'll check with The Advocate this week to see if any additional books have been received, if so, I'll bring them to the meeting

4:10 - 5:45 pm
BOM Discussion.  A Man Most Worthy Facilitated by Nikki Jervis

5:45 - 6:00 pm
April BOM Rating.  Roundtable Input
May BOM AssessmentStatus check to ensure the 600+ page book is doable for members for the May meeting.  Facilitator/Hostess:  Shelley Queeley.
June BOM Selection.  Bring your nominations; we will select the BOM by the method determined at the NCBC poll.  Facilitator needed.
May Meeting Announcement.  May 17th, 4-6pm, Montsho Bookstore