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The Hatwearer's Lesson Book Review

Phyllis Rhodes

"She's got the gift and she's got to use it" -- that could be Grandma Ollie's motto.  She has been reading signs all her life and she has never been wrong.  So when the pen's ink runs dry while attempting to write the name of her granddaughter's fiancé in the family bible, she knows something is wrong and the drama begins.  Yolanda Joe's The Hatwearer's Lesson focuses on the relationships of and between a countrified, sassy, hat-wearing grandmother (Grandma Ollie) and her ambitious, citified, attorney granddaughter, Terri Mills 

Terri and her fiancé, Derek, are a hard working, high profile, no nonsense attorney power couple.  Their relationship is what fairytales are made of: they look good together, have great careers, and have the political and social connections to match.  But Grandma Ollie's prediction comes true and trouble invades paradise on both the romantic and professional fronts.  Terri soon finds herself back in the small rural town of Collingswood, AR under the counsel of Grandma Ollie.  In a strange turn of events (fate perhaps), Terri's life is rearranged with a surprise ending.  However, it is not only the Terri-Derek storyline that baits the reader; it is the amorous adventures of a young Grandma Ollie that are equally engaging.  It is there where the valuable life lessons are truly revealed and where Terri extracts the wisdom and guidance to make the right decisions regarding Derek and her life.

The Hatwearer's Lesson is a charming novel full of homespun anecdotes, humor, and wit. Some of the expressions quoted by Grandma Ollie are truly keepers and can be retained as priceless bits of practical advice.  This is my first Yolanda Joe experience and I am willing to read her other pieces as well as her next release.

The Nubian Circle Book Club rating for The Hatwearer's Lesson is 3.5 of 5 stars.