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Final Justice Book Review

Nikki Jervis

A body is found brutally murdered in the home of a very wealthy man, and the police think it was an attempted robbery gone badly.  The next evening a young woman is found murdered the same way.   Is it the same murderer?  What connection do these victims have with each other?   These are the questions a young district attorney has, and is determined to prove to her small Mid-Western town that these murders are the product of a serial killer, and this is just the beginning.

Final Justice is the first novel from the up and coming mystery writer, Helen Enos.  The novel centers on the young and ambitious district attorney, Rebecca Fraser, and the murders that appear to be happening all around her.  Not only does she know all the victims, but also she believes to know who the murderer is.  Even when no one believes her, Rebecca starts her own investigation with the help of a handsome and mysterious police psychologist, Clark Bowman. The novel starts out at the hearing of a young man accused of killing a girl he met at a bar. Rebecca, it was not only this young man on trail, but also the whole justice system that fails to protect victims, that can no longer speak for themselves.  As Rebecca struggles with her own turmoil of her chosen profession, she finds herself in the middle of own nightmare. 

The murders at first seemed unrelated, but after the investigations started to put some crucial pieces together, it became evident that there was a serial killer on the loose, and Rebecca might be the next victim. There are quite a few interesting characters that surround all the unanswered questions.  As a reader you are tempted to skip directly to the end to see just who the killer is, but it is definitely worth waiting and enjoy all the secretes that unravel in the end. I did feel some of the supporting characters could have been developed a little more, and the romance that developed between Rebecca and Clark was a little awkward. This novel reminded me of the old black and white movies that only come on late at night on the television. The lines are a little corny, the characters a little too stiff, but the good guys and the bad guys are clearly marked.Just like the old movies I was drawn to this old fashion Whodunit story and I found myself guessing just who the real killer is.  By the way, I was wrong. I was very impressed with this first time writer.